If you’re looking for something a bit more unique for your home, we recommend choosing high quality window shutters. While you might think all shutters are created equal, they’re not. Cheap shutters can leave you feeling frustrated and your interior looking cheap. Quality shutters, on the other hand, give you an opportunity to transform your home into a work of art. You can choose from both interior and exterior shutters in either comp or wood—both of which give you privacy, protection against the elements, and impeccable lighting control.

Similarly to blinds, shutters are a great way to ensure that your family time stays private. When closed, you can easily adjust shutters to allow light in while keeping wandering eyes out. When open, you can experience direct sunlight for however long you please. If you opt for shutters that come equipped with locking mechanisms, they can help increase your home’s overall security. While some shutters are purely decorative, all of the shutters at Blinds by Design are 100% operable so you can reap both the decorative and functional benefits.

Shutters give your home a unique charm and an overall neater appearance than other window treatments. To learn more about the types of shutters offered at Blinds by Design, please read our descriptions below. If you’re ready to schedule a free in-home consultation and take one step closer to achieving your dream home, fill out out our contact form and one of our professionals will get in touch with you soon.

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    Composite Shutters

    Plantation shutters have become an extremely desirable look in many homes. The problem is that they’re expensive, come in a limited variety, require high levels of maintenance, and are oftentimes permanent. Installing anything on your home that’s permanent is daunting, so why would you want to do so with shutters? That’s where comp shutters come in. They give you all of the benefits of plantation shutters with an economical price tag and the option for change in the future.

    Comp shutters help make your home more energy efficient as they tend to have a high thermal resistance that works well in both summer and winter. They’re extremely durable and require much less maintenance over the years. The best part is that since you’ll still experience the plantation style look, comp shutters will help increase your property value. 

    Wood Shutters

    If your preference is with a classic look, however, want something other than plain wood blinds, we recommend contacting us about our wide variety of wood shutters. All of our options are completely customizable and come equipped with a wide range of features for every home’s needs. Some of our most popular options include panel configuration, hinge color customization, different louver sizes, and custom paint stain finishes. If you have an idea for your wood shutters, don’t be afraid to let us know. We work with our clients to deliver results that exceed their expectations and are always looking for our next challenge. 


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