Shades offer the benefits of drapery with added mobility. All you need to do in order to adjust the amount of light coming in is raise or lower the shade. At Blinds by Design, we offer a number of types and styles of shades giving you a wide variety of customization options. We carry high quality shades at an affordable price; all you need to do is get in contact with our professional design team today. You can also find more information on the types of shades we carry below.

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    Shades for living room

    Cellular Window Shades

    Cellular window shades combine the benefits of sound insulation and energy efficiency to give you more control in your home. Since a substantial amount of your home’s thermal loss occurs through windows, these shades help reduce energy costs. They work to filter and insulate the light and sound that enters through your windows using a unique fabric and design. Because of this, cellular window shades are also great at keeping the warm or cool air inside your home during cold winters and sweltering summers.

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    Layered Window Shades

    Layered window shades offer a modern take on lighting control by alternating sheer and opaque fabrics. The dual layering in layered window shades can be rolled up to a solid panel or opened for a patterned look. This alternating design allows you to control the amount of light that enters while still offering you a choice of privacy. Layered window shades are the perfect option to bring you a modern, yet functional look.

    Living room with shades

    Natural Window Shades

    Natural window shades are made from materials like wood, bamboo, or a combination of similar grasses and reeds. They offer an easy way for shades to bring an earthy, organic feel to any room of the house. Natural window shades can be rolled up to allow light to enter the room, or down for more privacy. We carry natural window shades in many styles and color options, giving you more control at enhancing any space.

    Pleated Window Shades

    For a more traditional style, we offer pleated window shades. Pleated window shades are created using one layer of fabric that stacks up as you raise the shade to allow light to spill into the room. They’re a great, cost effective way to add texture and inject a number of colors or patterns into your space. Pleated window shades are great options for taller windows or windows that don’t get exposed to a lot of direct sunlight.

    Bathroom with shades
    Living room design with new drapes

    Roller Shades

    Roller shades are an economical and functional window treatment solution. They’re designed using a sheet of fabric that rolls into a tube at the top of the treatment when being raised. They’re easy to maneuver by simply pulling down on the shade to lock them in place. We carry roller shades in blackout, solar, and translucent models for all of your needs. Use roller shades as a stand-alone window treatment or combine them with drapery for a sleek, modern look.

    Bedroom with Drapes

    Roman Shades

    Roman shades are one of the most popular window treatments available and for good reason: they’re timeless. Roman shades are a type of fabric window covering that can be raised and lowered to many degrees. There are endless design options, making them infinitely customizable. Depending on your preferences, roman shades can be installed to raise and lower from both the top and bottom, have blackout properties, or designed with more traditional properties.

    Kitchen area with blinds

    Sheer Shades

    Sheer shades work to combine the elements of both blinds and shades into one elegant window treatment. They provide the soft look of shades with the functionality, flexibility, and lighting control of blinds. Sheer shades use inner vanes that are encased by a layer of fabric on both sides of the tilting mechanism. The sheer fabric allows light to pass through when the vanes are open and become impenetrable when closed. Sheer shades come in many different color and style options to compliment any room in your home.

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    Solar Window Shades

    Solar window shades are a type of roller shade that block out harmful UV rays from the sun. This is great for protecting your furniture from fading, eliminating sun glares on your TV or computer, and reducing overall energy costs. Solar window shades are the perfect window treatment for patios, media rooms, and home or corporate offices. They give you the privacy you want without completely eliminating your outdoor view.