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10 Advantages of Window Blinds

Your home is your sanctuary. When you’re not working or out and about, it’s the place that radiates comfort and love. It makes you feel safe and secure. But this doesn’t just happen overnight. You need to nourish your home and create a space that works for you. Ambiance, décor, and furniture play a huge part in this, but so do your window treatments or coverings. There are hundreds of different options available to you for how you can make sure your home stays private, but we absolutely love window blinds. Window blinds have a number of advantages from increased privacy to reduced energy bills. Yet it’s still a process finding something that works well for you. Personal preferences vary, but one thing seems to stay consistent across homeowners or renters: blinds are well worth the money. In case you’re not convinced already, we’ve put together this article on the top 10 advantages of window blinds.

1. Unbeatable Privacy

Today, with our data floating around the Internet, facial recognition software, and the rise of smart appliances, privacy is becoming a rare occurrence. You want to be able to come home and enjoy your space at the end of a long day, without worrying about anyone seeing inside. Blinds give you unbeatable privacy. They block the potential for strangers to look inside your home, whether you’re there or not. Unlike curtains, blinds have the ability to completely block out any unwanted eyes. This privacy gives you the comfort you need in your home and is arguably the best advantage of window blinds.

2. Optimal Lighting Control

Another great advantage of having window blinds is lighting control. Without any, sun would pour in and increase the temperature of your home or make it difficult to enjoy your favorite daytime TV show. When you use window blinds, you’re able to open or close them completely along with a varying degree of tilted angles. This gives you exactly the lighting that you want in a room during any part of the day. Since blinds have such a wide range of motion and are most often made from a solid piece of material, you have more control over lighting than you would if you were using shades or curtains. Another benefit of lighting control has to do with its impact on your health. When you use window blinds and control the amount of lighting that enters your home, you’ll avoid eyestrain and headaches caused by excessive light.

3. Reduced Sun Damage

Over time, increased exposure to the sun and UV rays lead to damage. Window blinds will help you prevent this type of damage. When you have control over how much sun reaches the inside of your home, and how often, you can protect your furniture, floors, and even d écor from incurring otherwise unnecessary sun exposure. With enough exposure to the sun leather or suede will dry out and become discolored, floors will warp, and d écor or pictures will start to fade. When you have window blinds, you can control the lighting in your home and still enjoy some natural sunlight without having it directly hit your things.

4. Low Maintenance

Blinds are great because they’re extremely easy to maintain over time. Unlike curtains that may acquire dust, dirt, and grime that only come off with a wash cycle, blinds can be wiped clean quickly and easily. The type of window blinds you have will dictate how they’re cleaned, but most of them can get back to looking new with a simple damp cloth or duster. If you opt for higher quality blinds, they will last you for years to come. In fact, it’s likely the only reason you’d need to replace them is if you want to change up your d écor.

5. High Durability

Window blinds give you more durability than many other types of window coverings. However, depending on the materials you choose for your blinds, the durability will differ. Not all blinds are equal in this regard. If you want to get the strongest blinds available, opt for either aluminum blinds or faux wood. Aluminum blinds are a little noisy, but they’re more aesthetically pleasing than plastic blinds and will last longer. Wood blinds are also quite durable, but since they’re porous, they’re not immune to warping and weathering as time passes.

6. A Variety of Materials

Contrary to what you might think, window blinds come in a variety of different materials and styles. They’re a great way to add some personality to any room and are easy to integrate into an already decorated area. You should choose your type of window blind based off of the material first and then check out the accompanying options. Window blinds come in wood, Venetian styles, faux wood, aluminum, and even plastic. Blinds truly do give you the power to transform any room in your home, even your bathroom, and are great compliments to furniture, flooring, and d écor. The important thing is to make sure that you get the right size blinds. If not, you’ll have to do some exchanges to avoid having tacky blinds that don’t exactly do their job. If you have small children, or even unruly pets, opt for blinds that are cordless for added safety. They might be a little bit more expensive, but they’re a good precaution to take. On the bright side, cordless blinds are extremely elegant!

7. Colorful Options

Once you’ve chosen your material and style of blind, you can choose your color. The best part about window blinds is that there are no limitations. Window blinds can be painted and stained, which gives you the freedom to choose any color you want. If you want to add baby blue or pink blinds to a nursery, you can! If you’re curious about a zesty purple for your office, give it a try. If you want to keep things toned down a little, that works too. With window blinds, you have the option to transform your home in any way you see fit.

8. Funky Options

Finally, if you opt for vertical blinds, you can customize the pattern or texture of the slats. Instead of settling for plastic, cheap looking vertical window blinds, you can now bring your imagination to life. If you’d prefer to stick with something traditional, you can also opt for those.

9. Energy Efficiency

Window blinds are energy efficient and will help you save money. When sun passes through the windows of our home, the glass intensifies the temperature and makes the room heat up. If you live in an area that sees higher temperatures, this is a huge problem for your energy bills. Your air conditioning will need to work harder to lower the temperature in your home, which makes your bills skyrocket. Luckily, window blinds can help mitigate this occurrence. By installing window blinds, the sun won’t be beating into every room of your house at a magnified level and you’ll experience reduced energy bills.

10. A Good Value

Compared to the maintenance of other window coverings, blinds give you the best value for your money. They’re one of the cheapest options of window treatments available and still offer strong aesthetics. You don’t have to compromise money for style and quality when you opt for window blinds. Over time, as long as you take care of your blinds, they may even outlast your windows.

Window blinds have a lot of advantages compared to other types of coverings and are a great way to increase the comfort of your home. Not only will you get unbeatable privacy, window blinds are customizable, durable, and easy to maintain. At Blinds by Design, we have what you need to find the perfect blinds for every room. Contact us today to talk to one of our professionals and learn more about our window blinds. You can also call us at (479) 318-1223 or fill out the contact form to schedule a free in-home consultation!